Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Of Vlogging and Youtube

Been doing this Youtube thing for a few weeks now.
Getting the hang of it.
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Friday, March 11, 2016




Sunday, August 24, 2014

Chambering Chronicles: Rants After 2 Months In

2 months in and I'm in a love/hate relationship with my chambering life.
I love the work, meeting people and in a way, helping people.
But I don't really like the some principles that a few lawyers live by in doing their work.

For example, I know legal procedures are expensive, thus we need clients to pay.
But if you delay your work for months just because your client didn't pay but called every week asking about the file, its just bogus.
If its me, I'll forward my own money and then charge the client back.
That's why in my opinion, lawyers always get a bad rep for late work and shit.
Yes, I entered the legal world for the money, but I soon realized that it's more than money, it's about helping people who are in a legal dilemma.
Being money motivated, although good, you still need that humanitarian element to make your job fulfilling and worthwhile. 
Some argue that people like lawyers learned their craft for a long time so they have the right to charge the client so, but I think that doesn't apply every single time for every single client. 
Sometimes, lawyers may have to sacrifice a bit of their money for their client.
You can always claim it back from them in the bill. (ehem...disbursements...ehem)

But, clients must also understand, especially clients of small firms, that sometimes your case is not the only case that we are handling.We have a bunch other cases on our hands and we can't solely concentrate on your single case, so please understand.

Me? I'm still hanging on, even though I think I'm seriously underpaid for my work, but I can't complain because technically, chambering is a learning period, but still though, I'm seriously under allowanced. 
(Until time of writing this rant, I'm still haven't got my allowance for this month. I haven't even filed in my short call papers.)

Friday, June 6, 2014

After Grad Chronicles: The Search

Graduated in May and finished the school program.
Now, its the search for a firm to chamber.
Already sent 10 resumes out. 2 replied and went to them interviews.
The first one is alright but the second one is not so alright.
Whatever. You live and you learn.
Still keeping it positive.
Also applied for internships in companies in the legal department.
Just keeping my options open.

Yeah, still praying and waiting for my big break.

You know what, actually, I feel like a total failure.
Every single one of my friends has started chambering.
I'm the only few that hasn't.
I'm trying to keep it positive.
But It's really hard to.
But I know, I'll have my chance, my opportunity, my rezeki, to chamber, or even get a job that has something to do with law.
Allah knows better. He planned it all. It's up to me now.

I pray that Allah will guide me through this journey.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Getting Back Up When You're Down

So I failed 1 paper and have to take a supplementary paper.
But I'm not alone, because I'm with 38 others.
So, meaning that paper is really hard.
But I blame myself for not getting better carry marks.
So refreshment classes start on Monday.
Wish me luck.

Friends started to find firms to do their pupilage.
I'm really quite annoyed.
Cuz, for some reason, I find them like boasting about the firms and their pupilage.
Maybe I'm just jealous.
Well, good luck to them anyways.
I'll be starting mine hopefully on June.

P/S: Thinking of doing a vlog. We'll see how it goes.